Get Ready For The 'Doctor Who' And 'Sherlock' Theme Park (Yes, Really)

We would travel through space and time to go here.

Watch out, "Wizarding World of Harry Potter." If all goes to plan, the "Dastardly Dominion of 'Doctor Who'" could be here to bring you some healthy capitalistic competition as soon as 2020 -- which is technically no time at all, if you travel there in the TARDIS.

No actual attraction titles have actually been revealed yet, but The Guardian reports that BBC Worldwide has struck a deal with developers to allow its shows and characters -- with "Who," "Sherlock," and "Top Gear" on the short list to be included -- to be "brought to life" in a £2 billion theme park and holiday resort in north Kent, London. London Paramount Entertainment Resort will "combine the glamour of Hollywood with the best of British culture," which we assume means "Benedict Cumberbatch: The Ride."

The tentative opening date is Easter 2020, so the next steps as of now -- for the BBC and London Resort Company Holdings, anyway -- are to figure out which iconic programs and characters (cough cough, the Weeping Angels) will be used in the park.

The next steps for us, however, are to come up with an absurdly long list of rides to relentlessly tweet at BBC. "Escape From Asylum of the Daleks," the log flume? Moriarty's Madhouse? A Peter Capaldi rollercoster? THESE ARE ALL THINGS THAT ARE NOW WITHIN THE REALM OF POSSIBILITY.

Plan your next six years accordingly.