Ian Spanier

'Challenge' Fans Explain Why #WeHeartDiem

After last night's special, viewers describe how the competitor inspired them.

Those who had the chance to meet Diem Brown before she died last month will forever be touched (just read Paula Meronek's letter for evidence), but thankfully, the impression left by Brown's spirit isn't limited to those whose hands she shook.

Last night, during MTV's "We <3 Diem" special, we asked "Challenge" fans to share stories of how Diem's resolve and courage inspired them, and the response was overwhelming. Some viewers shared personal experiences battling cancer, and others were more broadly changed by Brown's perspective, but each seemed to have taken a piece of the woman with them.

Look at some particularly moving ways "Challenge" fans were touched:


"I told her on Instagram I had just got done with chemo after battling breast cancer and she gave me a pep talk. I didn't even think she'd respond. It made my day -- I looked up to her and still do with respect to how she handled battling cancer." -- Angie S.

"I've been battling epilepsy for more than 14 years now. Seeing Diem fight and live life to the fullest each and every day really gives me the strength to keep pushing and to inspire others! She's my inspiration, and she will always be remembered." -- Amanda F.

"She was fearless in the face of cancer, and I thought my days were bad. That's nothing compared to what she went through. If Diem could remain confident in the face of cancer, I can remain confident in whatever I'm going through." -- Autumn B.

"Diem taught me to appreciate life and to fight for what you want. Life is beautiful, and nothing should be taken for granted!" -- Alanda P.

"She inspired me to LIVE no matter what the situation is. LIVE! Life's a party, enjoy it. I so admire her strength and courage." -- Shanta W.


Tell us how Diem shaped your way of thinking, and, in case you missed it, watch the "We <3 Diem" special below.