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Beanie Sigel Is Currently Unable To Speak To Investigators Following Shooting

He's in critical but stable condition.

As Beanie Sigel continues to recover after being shot last week, police say he was not the intended target of the Pleasantville, New Jersey, incident.

The Philadelphia rapper is hooked up to a tube and ventilator to aid his breathing, but is unable to speak to investigators, Pleasantville police lieutenant Danny Adcock told The Philadelphia Inquirer. He is in critical but stable condition after a bullet hit him in the abdomen and exited his back Friday morning.

Adcock also said that Beans was most likely a victim of circumstance in the shooting, which happened at the home of his brother-in-law, Umar Salahuddin, where he had been staying. He had dropped his kids off at school shortly before the shooting Friday morning. "He may have become involved in something that was not necessarily his own doing," he said. "Just wrong place, wrong time, if you will."

According to the report, Salahuddin, whom officers found with scrapes and bruises, isn't a suspect, but he hasn't been working with the police. "Because of his lack of cooperation, we're not sure how he received those [scrapes]," Adcock said. "We do have some leads we're following up on, but cooperation from the family is minimal."

We'll continue to update on Sigel's status as details become available.