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Swizz Beatz Gets Support From Usher, Diddy For His SCOPE Collection

Swizz gets inspired with his Dean Collection.

Miami Art Week once again proves that music and art go hand-in-hand, and no person personifies that better than Swizz Beatz.

Taking his passion for art to Miami Beach, Swizz (real name Kasseem Dean) curated the Dean Collection.

Partnering with SCOPE, Swizz showcased his abstract, bold and vibrant artwork, which he personally owns, from artists including Swoon, D*FACE and more. He also got the crowd going by DJing the official VH1 + SCOPE after-party,

"To see all of these people coming together, just to see the expression of art, it's just about having fun," he told MTV News. "And there's all walks around the world that's in here today. That's inspiring."

All the producer's friends are loving the collection as well, including Busta Rhymes...

And Diddy, who stopped by before he got into that fight with Drake...

And let's not forget Usher, who showed Swizz some love either before or after he charged his phone in a women's vagina.