Getty Images: JP Yim

Serious Reasons Why Girls Should Date A Funny Guy

If a dude can make a lady laugh, he can make her smile.

As a standup comedian, I'm more than familiar with the litany of reasons that ladies give for NOT dating funny guys: They're depressed, they're selfish, they drink too much, etc. These are, of course, gross generalizations that are basically 100% true.

This is one reason why female comics often maintain a "no comics" dating policy. This is a very responsible and prudent strategy, and I hope it works well for the seven people who actually stick to it. I, personally, have violated this policy and am dating a fellow comic -- and I have to say, it's one of the better bad ideas that I've followed up on.

Dating a funny guy has plenty of perks, even if he does sometimes use his sense of humor to cyberbully me about my vegetarianism:

In fact, recent evidence from Stanford University School of Medicine suggests that women are actually hardwired to be attracted to funny people, since female brains experience a more pleasurable response to laughter than male brains do. Here's why you should grab a funny guy of your own.

  • Funny guys are good conversationalists

    Part of what makes someone funny is the ability to say the right thing at the right time. Guys who have a good sense of humor are good at staying present in a conversation by actually listening to the people they’re talking with (how else will he come up with the perfect riff on your horrific experience at the DMV?).

    They're also great at spinning gold out of the less-than-ideal aspects of their lives. And generally outgoing, which means, from time to time, you’ll be able to take a breather when it comes to finding things to talk about.

  • They have plenty of interests

    Having a sense of humor means having a general sense of curiosity about life. Funny guys often experience life fully and thus have a number of things that they are interested in and passionate about. From bands with cult followings to restaurants with killer desserts, these dudes will turn you on to more than just their one-liners and anecdotes.

  • They get it

    It takes a certain level of awareness about the world and the people in it to be able to make a joke, and funny guys understand life’s ridiculousness in a way that few others do. Having a funny mate means plenty of shared knowing glances when the world (and its colorful cast of characters) delivers its signature brand of absurdity.

  • They're also sensitive

    A sense of humor is often developed as a defense mechanism. Jamie Masada, owner of the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, speculates that 80% of comedians come from a place of tragedy. Many funny guys have pasts that are no laughing matter, which they've overcome by way of their wit. This means that not only are they emotionally tough, they are often empathetic people, and may be more willing than unfunny guys to show off their soft sides.

  • They plan creative dates

    Funny guys see life through a whimsical lens and are often adventure-seeking. Plus, they're constantly looking for fodder for their next greatest epic tale.

    Dating a funny guy means that you'll seldom be bored. He’ll have awesome ideas for unusual hang sessions, and will likely be down for the kind of spontaneous shenanigans that make dating worth the inevitable bullsh-- that comes with it.