Martin Freeman Did A Lot Of Sweating Inside His Hobbit Feet

The magic of Middle Earth!

Being a hobbit is hard work, you guys. Orcs and goblins want to kill you for funzies, trolls want to eat your innards on toast, dragons want to roast you alive, dwarves don't respect you at all, and even your best wizard friend is constantly making microaggressive comments about what an uptight, short-statured doofus you are. Oh, and the feet? Sweat bombs, says Martin Freeman.

The actor and professional player of hobbits was on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" Monday, where he spent some time discussing the magic of Middle Earth -- including the parts not achievable through the use of digital trickery. We'll leave it to Freeman to describe exactly what was going on inside his prosthetic hobbit feet, but suffice to say that taking them off required everyone nearby to be fully waterproofed beforehand.