'True Life' Meets Two Girls Who Spend Way Too Much Time With Molly

And that's not all -- the MTV series is also investigating the world of college sports.

"True Life" is tapping into the zeitgeist once again: In two brand-new episodes airing tonight, the docu-series will focus on a pair of issues affecting more than a few millennials.

The first episode -- airing at 10/9c -- gives an in-depth look at the latest trend dominating drug culture, Molly. While the fascination with the party pill (also known as the pure powder or crystalized form of MDMA, the drug typically found in ecstasy) has made a name for itself in pop culture, its appeal doesn't stop there. In fact, Molly's most dedicated users are neither rich nor famous: They're your average teen or twentysomething.

In the sneak peek below, we're introduced to three young women, all of whom are hooked on Molly and about to face the truth about their addictions. "I don't know how to have fun without it," one girl laments to the camera.

Next, "True Life" journeys into the lives of all-star high school athletes; each one is hoping to nab a starting spot at a NCAA Division 1 roster. For many talented, sports-obsessed students, making it to the pro level often depends on the start of their collegiate career.

And tonight, viewers will get the low-down on the competitive nature involved with being recruited by some of the country's top college sports programs. "You want to go to the next level?" a coach screams across the court to his player. "Act like it -- work!"

Check out the clips above, and be sure to tune in to the latest episodes of "True Life," starting tonight at 10/9c.