Meet Jennifer Lawrence's Newest Movie Husband

Edgar Ramirez will star with Lawrence in 'Joy.'

For her next act, Jennifer Lawrence is re-teaming with David O. Russell, the same filmmaker who brought her her first Academy Award:

And married her off to Christian Bale:

She's the star of "Joy," about Miracle Mop inventor Joy Mangano's rise from teenage dreamer to entrepreneur and single mother. But before we get to that "single" part, there's a man in the picture — and he's just been cast. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lawrence's new onscreen husband will be played by this man:

Edgar Ramirez, of the miniseries "Carlos" and movies like "Zero Dark Thirty," among others. Here he is again:

And again:

One assumes he'll be a little less dirty/sweaty/shaggy come time for "Joy," but you can start your fanficing now.