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The 17 Memorable Video Game Weapons Of 2014

No turtle shells included.

Any gamer knows the "secret sauce" for a great video game. Yeah, it has to have a solid storyline, a cast of unique characters, and throw in some killer graphics -- but most importantly, you need some kickass artillery. Or a sword. Or an invincibility star. Or whatever.

It's been a major year for gaming history, so we figured it'd be a good time to look back at some of the craziest video game weapons of 2014. Enjoy the holiday and keep gaming.

  1. Dolphin Blaster ("Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare")
    Electronic Arts

    Who needs a machine gun when you can hurl fish guts, sticky bombs, and (of course) bubbles at your enemies? Use the Dolphin Blaster and enjoy kicking some zombie ass.

  2. TNT Teddy ("Sunset Overdrive")
    Microsoft Studios

    What's better than a cute little teddy bear? A teddy bear that's strapped with TNT and explodes on impact! Pick this up and you'll never look at a plush toy the same again.

  3. Titan ("Titanfall")
    Electronic Arts

    "Titanfall" allows for multiplayer destruction with ease, and its gameplay has the grace of driving a luxury car.

  4. Phantom Blade ("Assassin's Creed Unity")

    The best weapon is the one you don't even know is there. The Phantom Blade has three modes (stealth, hidden blade, and crossbow) to reach out and touch someone like a good assassin does.

  5. Gyrocopter ("Far Cry 4")

    There are few things more exhilarating than dropping grenades from a Gyrocopter. If you've been lucky enough to check out this game, then you also know this feeling. It gives a new meaning to the term "heads up."

  6. Energy Sword ("Halo: The Master Chief Collection")
    Microsoft Studios

    Any warrior can destroy an enemy from far away, but it takes a real commando to do the deed up close and personal. Master Chief better watch his six when he comes into contact with one of these bad boys.

  7. Rorsch MK1-Rail Gun ("Battlefield 4")
    Electronic Arts

    Just saying the name of the gun sends shivers down my spine. The Rorsch MK1 creates havoc on the battlefield by discharging a high-velocity sabot round that destroys anything it hits. It's like breaking a window with a truck and then exploding the truck.

  8. AE4 Widowmaker Rifle ("Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare")

    With a name like "Widowmaker," this weapon had to make the list. Located inside the latest DLC, the AE4 directed energy assault rifle makes it hard to be a bad guy in any situation.

  9. Super Horn ("Mario Kart 8")

    Not all weapons have to be big, over-the-top killing devices. Take the Super Horn. We now have a way of putting an end to the annoying Blue Spiny Shell that can drive us crazy.

  10. LaserKraftwerk ("Wolfenstein: The New Order")

    A laser-powered handheld weapon, the Laserkraftwerk works well for solving puzzles...and as a shooting-and-cutting death device. Damn Nazis.

  11. Chainsaw ("Bayonetta 2")

    Sure, we all know to stay away from large teeth-grinding chainsaws, but this one should be kept in a locked box somewhere safe.

  12. Vex Mythoclast Rifle ("Destiny")

    Nothing worthwhile comes easy, including getting your hands on this bad boy To get hold of this weapon, you need to put in the hours and grab the loot when you can.

  13. Fists/Legs/Head ("UFC")
    Electronic Arts

    OK, maybe these aren't technically weapons, but getting into the ring with any of these UFC fighters would be equal to getting hit with a sledgehammer. I'd rather take my chances on the battlefield... at least you can try to hide.

  14. Jetpack ("Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept")

    Feel the power of raining destruction from above, or just get the hell out of a bad situation quickly. Strap on the Jetpack and watch your enemies blow up or just plain disappear.

  15. Smartphone ("Watch Dogs")

    It has been said that the pen is mightier than the sword. People use their phones now for jotting down notes, but same difference. With the ability to shut down power grids and control traffic lights (and all sorts of infrastructure data inside), the real weapon in "Watchdogs" is information.

  16. The Brick ("The Last Of Us: Remastered")

    Bricks are mostly used to build things, but in the proper hands, they can destroy some bad guys. Become a trained "Brick Master" and be assured that you'll get people's attention.

  17. Fireball ("Ultra Street Fighter IV")

    What, you thought we'd leave this out? Hadouken!