'We <3 Diem' Sneak Peek: Former Castmates Reflect On Brown's Unforgettable Romance With Chris 'CT' Tamburello

Or, as Aneesa fondly refers to them, 'Beauty and the Beast.'

"The Challenge" has spawned many hookups, a handful of serious relationships and even some marriages -- but no other couple has captivated our attention quite like fan favorites Diem Brown and Chris "CT" Tamburello.

Before we watch the longtime loves become a team on the upcoming "Battle of the Exes 2" -- which will premiere on Tuesday, January 6 and is dedicated to the memory of Diem as well as fellow competitor Ryan Knight -- Diem's former castmates will talk about her appearances on the MTV series as well as her extraordinary bond with the Massachusetts native in the special "We <3 Diem."

"The CT/Diem drama is like a soap opera rerun because you know what's gonna happen -- but you're gonna watch it anyway," Paula "Walnuts" Meronek reflects in the sneak peek below as old-school clips of D and CT, showcasing the pair's undeniable chemistry, play in the background.

Meanwhile, the sweet Southerner's erstwhile "Rivals 2" partner Aneesa compares the duo to an iconic Disney story. "It's like 'Beauty and the Beast,'" the "Real World: Chicago" alum says, before adding -- with a smile -- "except CT is gorgeous."

In addition to reliving their unforgettable first kiss on "The Duel," we also catch a glimpse of Diem showing off her signature dance moves with CT on the upcoming season. Watch the clip to hear his prediction about how they'll perform, and be sure to catch "We <3 Diem" on Tuesday at 9/8c