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Vote For Your Best Artists Of 2014

Who really had the biggest year? Was it Beyonce? Taylor Swift? You decide.

As far as music goes, this was the year of the mic drop artistic statement. From Beyonce releasing a surprise 17-video-long album in the middle of the night, to Taylor Swift snatching up everyone's coins with 1989, and of course, being introduced to the heart-achingly perfect vocals of the year's biggest (and most nominated) breakout: Sam Smith, who shared a personal essay with us detailing his journey from unknown to MTV's best artist of 2014.

We've assembled our list of the Best Artists Of 2014, but of course, our criteria for what constitutes a BIG YEAR might differ a little from yours. So, we're handing the wheel over to you with a list of the 25 biggest names from this year and the chance to upvote and downvote them into oblivion. Create your ultimate re-ranked list, and after you vote, let us know what you think in the comments. Voting ends December 24.

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