The 13 Greatest Disney Villain Songs

Be prepared... to disagree with our list!

Disney's villains are vast and varied, coming in all shapes and sizes — from impossibly muscular macho men, to worm-infested boogeymen, to sinister sorcerers and cowardly lions and beyond.

But one thing that all of these horrible, horrible people have in common are their excellent, excellent singing voices ... as evidenced by these 13 deliciously evil Disney villain songs:

13. "Savages" ("Pocahontas")

In which Governor Ratcliffe sings loudly and proudly about being a racist jerk.

12. "Poor Unfortunate Souls" ("The Little Mermaid")

"Don't underestimate the importance of body language! HAH!" That line alone saves an otherwise mediocre effort from the sea witch.

11. "The World's Greatest Criminal Mind" ("The Great Mouse Detective")

Oh, Ratigan. He really is one of a kind.

10. "The Siamese Cat Song" ("Lady and the Tramp")

Basically, this song boils down to two cats slinking around, plotting to murder a fish and steal milk from a baby — in other words, the reason why everyone hates cat.

9. "Oogie Boogie's Song" ("The Nightmare Before Christmas")

Remember that time the Boogeyman kidnapped Santa Claus and threatened to keep him captive for all of eternity? NIGHT. MARE. FUEL.

8. "Love is an Open Door" ("Frozen")

Takes on terrifying new meaning when you learn about Prince Hans' true intentions.

7. "Hellfire" ("The Hunchback of Notre Dame")

"Destroy Esmeralda, and let her taste the fires of Hell!" Holy heck, Judge Frollo! This guy is not messing around.

6. "Friends on the Other Side" ("The Princess and the Frog")

Voodoo villainy, from the voice of Goliath. Doesn't get much better.

5. "Gaston" ("Beauty and the Beast")

He's got biceps to spare, every last inch of him is covered in hair, and he's roughly the size of a barge. He's also an arrogant jerk, but hey, that arrogant jerk can sing.

4. "You're Only Second Rate" ("The Return of Jafar")

Jafar's biggest music number was relegated to the "Aladdin" sequel, but it is by far the best part of "Return of Jafar," and one of the best villain songs, period.

3. "Prince Ali (Reprise)" ("Aladdin")

What it lacks in length, Jafar's minute-long "Aladdin" song makes up for in menace. Short, sweet, and oh so sinister.

2. "Be Prepared" ("The Lion King")

Scar sings out and proud about his sinister plans to kill Mufasa — and then he makes good on it! One of few Disney villains to fully cash in on his evil promises, complete with Jeremy Irons' signature ice-cold voice.

1. "Cruella De Vil" ("One Hundred and One Dalmations")

Roger Radcliffe's spontaneous song about the fur-ocious villainess is an iconic, instantly recognizable, and unshakable part of pop culture history. It's the number one Disney villain song, and it's really not close.