Anna Kendrick Sings The Hell Out Of 'The Last Five Years' Trailer

This is definitely a musical.

Are your vocals warmed up? Good, because it's time to pretend like we're in the brand new trailer for movie musical "The Last Five Years" and sing all over the place. A lot.

Starring queen Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan (admit it, you listened to his songs from "Smash" long after the series was canceled. No, don't even try and clear your Spotify history.), "The Last Five Years" is an adaptation of the off-Broadway musical of the same name by Tony-winning Jason Robert Brown.

While we'll see Kendrick as a conflicted, singing Cinderella in just a few weeks in "Into the Woods," this is a different side of the songstress.

What we're trying to say is: It's so, so sad.

The movie tells the story of the ultimately doomed five-year romance between aspiring actress Cathy (Kendrick) and on-the-rise novelist Jamie (Jordan). Here's the trick: Cathy's chronology starts at the end of the relationship, while Jamie's begins at the beginning. Get psyched for a lot of tears from Kendrick while Jordan feels love's first blush as the timeline jumps back and forth.

We're already getting emotional. Feeling a song coming on. Gotta go!

"The Last Five Years" hits theaters February 13, 2015, just in time to make you really question your relationship.