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Beanie Sigel Is Recovering After Being Shot In New Jersey

Conflicting reports surface about Beanie's condition.

Beanie Sigel is recovering after being shot Friday (December 5) in Pleasantville, New jersey. The rapper, who was taken to a nearby hospital, awoke from surgery the same afternoon, according to Billboard.

Investigators were set to interview Beans, whose real name is Dwight Grant, about the shooting, which reportedly involved another man who was uncooperative with authorities.

"Apparently, there was a struggle of some type, which led to Mr. Grant being shot and that is all we have at this point," Pleasantville police chief Jose Ruiz said.

As MTV News reported Friday, a source close to Sigel said the MC's injuries were not life-threatening.

Despite this, NBC's Philadelphia affiliate has reported that the MC was in critical condition and unable to speak.

Sigel was shot the day before his probation ended, NBC said. He was under house arrest after being released from prison this summer. He was serving time for tax evasion.

Beanie’s lawyer Fortunato Perri Jr. has said that the 40-year-old rapper was not the intended target of the shooting.

Many rappers and fans have gone to social media platforms to wish Beanie well after this incident. Sigel’s family has also reportedly requested that the hospital withhold information on his condition.