These Cheerleaders Are Goin' Up On A Tuesday With This ILoveMakonnen Cheer

Got the game goin' UP.

Sometimes you don't have time to go out on the weekends. Or, if you're a high school student, you can't go out at all because you're, well, a kid. But, that doesn't mean these cheerleaders can't get the club goin' UP on a Tuesday.

This creative squad took ILoveMakonnen's viral tune, "Tuesday" -- a song remixed by Drake about partying on the weekday -- and turned it into cheer to get their school gym turning up.

Tuesday home game? Take note, cheerleaders of the world. These gals climbed into the bleachers to pound out the beat, using their loudest outdoor voices to change the lyrics to: "Got the game goin' up, on a Tuesday/ Got the boys on the court, and they shootin.'"