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Speidi Are (Still) At Odds Over One Thing: The Subject Of Baby-Making

And the two will try to settle their differences on 'Marriage Boot Camp.'

Successful marriages involve concessions here and there from husbands and wives, but as far as the topic of children is concerned, married couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt haven't budged an inch in five years.

Speidi, who are slated to appear on the upcoming season of "Marriage Boot Camp," will tear open old wounds when the subject of potential parenthood comes up, WEtv announced yesterday, and neither seems ready to fold. Heidi wants kids immediately, Spencer's still trying to avoid fatherhood at all costs, and we were forced to wonder: Haven't we been here before?

On Season 5 of "The Hills," as Speidi settled into wedded bliss, Heidi slowly got the impression that her hubby didn't necessarily have babies on the brain. And so, she did what any desperate wife would do: She hatched a plan to convince Spencer he was dad material by going off the pill without telling him.

Of course, Spence eventually convinced his wife to hold off for a little bit longer (evidently, until at least 2014...), but for awhile, a mini-Speidi conceived out of manipulation seemed entirely within the realm of possibility. Let's hope the couple doesn't have to go to such drastic measures this time around!

Check out the ol' "Hills" clip, read more about the forthcoming season of "Marriage Boot Camp" and be sure to catch Speidi in action when the show premieres on January 9 at 9/8c WEtv.