The Best TV Characters Of 2014

We watched a loooot of TV this year.

Though we love Stiles Stilinski, Amy Raudenfeld, Matty McKibben and all the rest of MTV's awesome original characters... We just can't be objective when it comes to our children. Instead, we came up with our list of the 47 best television characters of 2014, minus the MTV.

And as a special surprise, scroll all the way to the bottom for an incredible video message from our number one pick him (or her) self:

  1. Olivia Pope, "Scandal"

    "We only need two words to describe how we feel about the HBIC of 'Scandal,' Olivia Pope: It’s. Handled. Here are more: Olivia is a smart, passionate and compelling leader who — gasp! — still manages to have a full personal life. While we can’t quite understand the attraction to Fitz (WHY?), Olivia is at the top of our list to catch up with over a glass of red." - Kase Wickman

  2. Regina Mills, "Once Upon A Time"

    "The best part of our favorite fairy-tale mash-up show, Lana Parrilla steals every scene she's in -- whether she's former mayor Regina Mills, or the Enchanted Forest's Evil Queen. But it's her evolution as a character that's literally stolen our hearts, no better brought to bear than during this season, when she's tried so hard to find her own happy ending... Only to slip back, (once upon a) time and again." - Alex Zalben

  3. Lincoln, "Broad City"
    Comedy Central

    "Being called a 'scene-stealer' means a lot when your costars are Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson. But that’s just what Hannibal Buress does as Lincoln, the DDS with a heart of gold. He’ll commit to you, tell you a solid joke, bring you pleasure, and fix your teeth at a discounted rate. It’s basically a win-win all around." - Shaunna Murphy

  4. Carrie Mathison, "Homeland"

    "After a less-than-stellar third season, we can safely say that the Showtime thriller IS BACK to its vintage form – in large part due to Claire Danes' complex and fascinating character. The new CIA Station Chief in Pakistan -- with the infamous cry face -- is doing her very best to nab the top terrorist with help from her trusty sidekicks Quinn and Saul. But since this is 'Homeland,' each week she encounters some sort of heart-stopping obstacle that leaves us screaming at the TV -- and hungry for more." - Jordana Ossad

  5. Ichabod Crane, "Sleepy Hollow"

    "Where would we be without the charming, endlessly sincere, and permanently confused man-out-of-time Ichabod Crane? We seriously don’t want to know, since Tom Mison’s breakthrough heartthrob is one of television’s bright spots — the man has unstoppable chemistry with everybody on that show. Also, if it weren’t for Ichabod, American audiences would still be using the word 'lieutenant' like a bunch of amateurs." - SM

  6. Selina Meyer, "Veep"

    "Selina Meyer is the first female President of The United States. Mic drop, bye, etc.—that’s why she’s one of the best characters on TV in 2014. There’s also the fact that, despite being totally out-of-touch, you want to see her succeed. You want her to win the primaries and you don’t want her shoes to squeak as she walks to make her debut as President—she frustrating, hilarious, and, frankly, just the best." - Maeve Keirans

  7. Billy Eichner, "Billy On The Street"

    "For only a dollar, man-on-the-street rock star Billy Eichner has managed to steal the hearts of pop culture-loving citizens worldwide. There’s not a person I know who wouldn’t want Billy to scream at them, and a good way to get that to happen is to tell him you think that Glenn Close is better than Meryl Streep. His tiny cable show has become so beloved that its led to roles on shows like 'Parks and Rec,' 'New Girl,' and even the Emmys – and its never been easier to feel giddy over someone else’s success." - SM

  8. Gina Linetti, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

    "At first it seems like she's just a crackpot receptionist, but the more we get to know Gina, the clearer it is that her sharp, dry wit is something of a façade for a woman who is kind enough to buy Peralta's apartment when he's about to be evicted, or even sleep with Doyle." - Caitlin White

  9. Jane, "Jane The Virgin"
    The CW

    "The premise of this show alone made us fall in love with Jane -- she's a pregnant virgin who became that way via artificial insemination gone awry. What?! Add to that two hot dudes for the requisite love triangle, a sassy mom and a doubly sassy grandma, and Jane is the perfect foil for this soapiest of all modern soap operas." - Brenna Ehrlich

  10. Peggy Olson, "Mad Men"

    "Watching Peggy move up the ranks from shy, confused secretary to embittered, brilliant copywriter has been one of the most enjoyable character transformations on 'Mad Men,' but it's not without it's own disappointments. Can you imagine Season 1 Peggy firing her secretary for her own mistake? Redemption may linger at the end of Season 7, but Peggy has lost more than she's gained along the way. But the more she reveals her flaws, the easier it is for us to relate to her, and love her more." - CW

  11. Schmidt, "New Girl"

    "Schmidt has come a long way since his chubby childhood years that emotionally scarred him for life. We’re not sure what we like best about him -- the way he exasperatedly says 'Youths!' whenever he can’t even, the way he’s completely in love with Cece, or the way he singlehandedly funds apartment 4D’s douchebag jar." - Deepa Lakshmin

  12. Arya Stark, "Game Of Thrones"

    "Arya Stark is not one to be messed with. She is fierce, loyal, and takes no bullish-t. She and her beloved sword, Needle, are a true force to be reckoned with." - Rachel Paoletta

  13. Barney Stinson, "How I Met Your Mother"

    "The whole internet agreed that 'HIMYM' botched its landing, but Barney Stinson will forever remain legen…wait for it…well, you know the rest. Neil Patrick Harris perfectly lampooned the ‘00s pickup artist douchebro (and the pre-recession era’s out-of-control conspicuous consumption), yet still made Barney the guy you wanted for your best buddy. No easy feat, and no wonder that scene in 'Gone Girl' was so hard to watch." - Marty Beckerman

  14. Amber Holt, "Parenthood"

    "The always-endearing Amber Holt is an integral member of the Sacramento-based Braverman clan. Whether she’s trying to help her uncles Adam and Crosby salvage their recording studio business, giving her brother Drew inspirational pep talks or, of course, sorting through her own complex feelings for war vet Ryan -- the father of her unborn baby -- we’re rooting for Mae Whitman’s lovable character to find happiness. And we’re certainly not ready to bid her, as well as her entire family, farewell in a few episodes." - JO

  15. Drunk Uncle, "Saturday Night Live"
    Tim Out New York

    "The only way we could love Bobby Moynihan's insta-legendary 'Weekend Update' character Drunk Uncle any more is if he put some acai berries in it, whatever that means. His non-sequiturs perfectly sum up all the get-off-my-lawn-rage simmering deep inside us at basically all times. Kids these days, right? Netflix my dart board, OK? Wi-fi, RIGHT? Right, Drunk Uncle. Right." - KW

  16. Castiel, "Supernatural"
    The CW

    "The show has always been about the Brothers Winchester, but no one will deny that 'Supernatural' truly earned its legendary status when Misha Collins' Castiel entered the fold back in season four. Six years later, everybody's favorite angel is still stealing scenes and humanizing Jensen Ackles' Dean, and whenever he isn't needed, well... 'I'll just wait here then/That's what I'll do/I'll just wait here then/I'll wait for you.' (Inside joke, y'all.)" - SM

  17. Cory Matthews, "Girl Meets World"

    "You know that feeling you have when you catch up with a friend you haven't seen in a long time? That warm, fuzzy, years have passed but it feels like yesterday feeling? That's how we feel about Cory. It's been years since the last new episode of "Boy Meets World," but he's still the same old goofy, thoughtful Cory he always was. And seeing his new-school Feeny vibe? We don't hate it. Welcome back, Mr. Matthews." - KW

  18. Jake Ballard, "Scandal"

    "If there's one man we want to stand in the sun with, it's Jake Ballard. Sorry, Fitz, but the confines of the White House are just a little too shady for us, if you know what we mean. Over the latest season of 'Scandal,' Jake has been secretive, sexy and scary in turn -- sometimes all at once. Whether he's acting as Command or Olivia's beach companion, we're Team Jake all the way." - KW

  19. Jillian Belk, "Workaholics"
    Comedy Central

    "Avid Belieber and adult onesie enthusiast Jillian Belk is the cat-loving lady of our dreams. Though she’s terrible at picking up on social cues and has a habit of being unintentionally wildly inappropriate, we wouldn’t have her any other way." - RP

  20. Damon Salvatore, "The Vampire Diaries"
    The CW

    "We love us some bad boys -- and reformed bad boys? Those are just doubly fun. Damon Salvatore has been really stepping it up over the years as the show's sexy, brooding former baddie, and this year -- with his heart gone to mush over his friendship with resident witch-in-peril Bonnie -- he's reach new heights of hotness. Bonus: Elena lost her memory so we're guessing we get to watch them fall in love all over again." - BE

  21. Alison Hendrix, "Orphan Black"
    BBC America

    "Alison Hendrix is an ass-kicking soccer mom who’s only gotten more interesting as 'Orphan Black' continues. She is as clever as they come, and even though she’s a control freak, she’s a fierce protector of the people she loves. She may seem like your typical suburban housewife, but trust me – there’s a lot more to Alison than meets the eye." - RP

  22. Felicity Smoak, "Arrow"
    The CW

    "Felicity Smoak can get it. The IT girl turned VP is more than the object of the hero's reluctant affection, she's become a hero herself on her own terms. From saving herself from her psycho ex, to inspiring a beaten down Arrow, it's no surprise everyone from Starling to Central City has a crush on Felicity Smoak. But sorry, everyone: she has a type, and it's salmon-laddering six-packed (former) CEOs." - Christina Beale

  23. Gareth, "The Walking Dead"

    "Gareth was a great villain and Grade A A-hole. The Terminus leader slithered through season five with his twisted moral compass and cannibalistic ways. He ate Bob’s leg and tried to off Carl and baby Judith in a church before Rick Grimes came through and got all Danny Trejo on Gareth by hacking him to death with a machete. Sayonara, sucker." - Rob Markman

  24. Clara Oswald, "Doctor Who"
    Adrian Rogers, ©BBC/BBC Worldwide 2014

    "Sorry, Rose Tyler – you’ve officially been bested by Clara Oswald as Nu-Who’s most fascinating Companion. When Clara moved on from Matt Smith’s Doctor to Peter Capaldi’s, she went from being a lovestruck pretty face to a fully-formed, nuanced character, with the most interesting and true-to-life Companion arc we’ve seen in a long time. This is huge for a show that has struggled to write female characters, and Jenna Coleman’s acting helped lead 'Who' to new emotional depths this year." - SM

  25. Leo Fitz, "Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D."

    "Leo Fitz has had a tough year. The cocky lab rat and one half of formerly inseparable FitzSimmons had his world turned upside down, literally, from flying high in the Bus to being trapped at the bottom of the ocean. This season we’ve watched the former comic relief become the heartbreaking emotional center of the Hydra-devastated S.H.I.E.L.D. team. Iain De Caestecker's nuanced performance has made each of Fitz's sly shoulder touches and frustrated stutters hit us right in the feels." - CB

  26. Lorne Malvo, "Fargo"

    "Billy Bob Thornton portrays the most intriguing-yet-remorseless onscreen killer since Anton Chigurh from 'No Country for Old Men,' which makes sense since the show is inspired by another Coen Brothers' movie. Unlike Chigurh though, Malvo is oddly charismatic. It's tough to not like him, despite his horrendous actions." - Ryan McKee

  27. Annalise Keating, "How To Get Away With Murder"

    "Though we expected 'HTGAWM' to be a fun, twisty ride, we didn't expect how insanely powerful Viola Davis' portrayal of lawyer/teacher Annalise Keating would be. Jumping from forceful in the courtroom to nearly crumbling apart when talking to her lover or husband, Annalise is one of the most realistic characters on TV. And her scene removing her makeup before confronting her cheating husband? One of the best scenes of the year." - AZ

  28. Abbi Abrams, "Broad City"
    Comedy Central

    "She may not be rocking crop tops in the office, and unlike Ilana has never been described as 'violently high,' but Abbie is our total homegirl. She's the still-totally-goofy straight man of the duo, and we've never laughed as hard as when she tried to rescue her hot neighbor's package and traveled to another continent ruled by a haunted mail carrier, only to walk away empty handed. Uh, guess you had to have been there. To put it simply: Abbi is our dream BFF, and she has perfect bangs." - KW

  29. Tina Belcher, "Bob's Burgers"

    "Everyone has a little Tina Belcher in them, and that’s what makes her so awesome. When you theatrically collapse on the floor after a long day, when you not-so-discreetly check out someone’s butt, when you are momentarily overwhelmed by just how damn sexy you are -- that’s your inner Tina coming out." - DL

  30. Dot & Bette, "American Horror Story: Freak Show"

    "It’s hard to stand out in a Carnival of oddities. But on this season's "American Horror Story: Freak Show,” the conjoined Tattler twins have been my fascination. The sisters share a common physiognomy and double-bill dreams, but dusty Jupiter, Florida, is a long way from Hollywood, and sweet Bette and stern Dot are torn about how to get there. It’s been wrenching to watch. The scheming, jealousy — and a toxic cupcake — nearly seals their fate." - Rebecca Thomas

  31. Marty Hart, "True Detective"

    "He's just a regular type dude... with a big-ass d--k." - Kevin Sullivan

  32. Carol Peletier, "The Walking Dead"
    Gene Page/AMC

    "Carol’s progression from zombie-bait B-character to certified badass-slash-acting powerhouse has been mesmerizing. Her relationship with Daryl is one of the show’s best features, and her one-woman rescue mission at Terminus made 'No Sanctuary' the series’ de facto finest season opener. Just don’t look at the flowers when she’s around, k?" - SM

  33. Mona Vanderwaal, "Pretty Little Liars"
    ABC Family

    "Though the big news for 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 5 was the re-introduction of Alison, it was Mona Vanderwaal who emerged as a scene-stealing character we could root for. Mona is campy, sure, but she’s also smart, ferocious, and consistently interesting – which made her untimely demise a tough pill to swallow." - SM

  34. Smarf, "Too Many Cooks"

    "If it wasn't for the cat puppet at the heart of Casper Kelly's insane Adult Swim infomercial, we still might be watching the endless opening credits sequence. Alas, the noble Smarf, bloodied and beated, found the red button that ended it all, likely saving humanity in the process." - KS

  35. Andy Dwyer, "Parks & Recreation"

    "Leslie Knope and her well-meaning bureaucratic attitude may be the star of 'Parks and Recreation,' but it's lovable dumdum Andy who has long been a solid backbone to the show. Whether he's flipping over the hoods of cars or joining Leslie's Pawnee Goddesses troop to reap the puppy party benefits, Andy is king. This year was something of a coming out party for Chris Pratt's career as a movie star in 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' 'The LEGO Movie' and others, which made the contrast with goofball Andy even more fun to watch." - KW

  36. Caroline Forbes, "The Vampire Diaries"
    The CW

    "It’s almost unfair to everybody else how much chemistry Candice Accola’s Caroline has with every single person, place and inanimate object on 'The Vampire Diaries.' It doesn’t matter if she ends up with Stefan, Tyler, or heck, even Klaus – as long as this show’s most likable and interesting character is happy, then we’re happy." - SM

  37. Mindy Lahiri, "The Mindy Project"

    "From her first drunken, bicycle-riding declaration of 'I'm Saaaaaandra Bullock!' we've loved Mindy Kaling's portrayal of Mindy Lahiri. We can relate to her constant comparison of her life to rom coms and Shonda Rhimes shows, we covet her outfits (prints on prints on prints, and all the glitter in the whole world) and we sympathize with her fear of Danny's mother. Beyonce Pad Thai for life. " - KW

  38. Barry Allen, "The Flash"
    The CW

    "What make's Grant Gustin's superhero The Flash stand head and shoulders over the rest of the superhero pack is how essentially good he is. Gustin is adorable as Barry Allen, sure, and funny too... But where most superhero shows dwell in the grim and gritty, Gustin brings them into the light." - AZ

  39. Oswald Cobblepot, "Gotham"

    "From the very first episode, it was clear that Robin Lord Taylor's proto-Penguin was going to be the breakout character from this Batman prequel... And now it's clear that his charmingly terrifying gangster/maniac is one of the breakout stars of the season, too. He may kill you for a sandwich, but darned if you won't be rooting for him while he does." - AZ

  40. Maura, "Transparent"

    "Coming out as transgender has its own set of inherent dramas and comedies, but trying to come to terms with a transition when you're well into your 70s brings a whole new shade of complexity to the story. That's where Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) is when we meet her in 'Transparent.' A retired professor, she has to reintroduce herself to her grown children to a trio of disbelieving 'Dad?'s. Funny, nuanced and moving, Maura is someone we've enjoyed getting to know." - KW

  41. Shoshanna Shapiro, "Girls"

    "Oh, Shosh. The most recent season of "Girls" revealed Shoshanna as a yoga pants-wearing tiny ball of rage with the complete ability to tell it like it is. Discuss with your friends all you want whether you're a Hannah or a Marnie, but we know that deep down, we're all truly just a bunch of Shoshannas. While we didn't get an ecstasy-fueled, control top tights with no skirt level freakout this year, Shoshanna consistently spouted the most quotable, memorable and hilarious lines on 'Girls.' We're the ladies, indeed." - KW

  42. Rust Cohle, "True Detective"

    "On the surface, Rustin Cohle is a lot like his mid-interrogation beer preference: nothing fancy. But then you listen to him. What endeared us to him wasn't the Nietzsche quotes he memorized. It was about seeing someone change, yet stay the same, because, like time, Rush Cohle is a flat circle." - KS

  43. Twisty The Clown, "American Horror Story: Freak Show"

    "The show only needed four episodes to make an impact with Twisty. FOUR. EPISODES. On top of being a clown (which, IMHO, is scary enough on its own), he's a murderer and something of a walking nightmare. But there's a softer side to the 'AHS' villain that comes through in a complex sympathetic backstory and a brilliant performance by IRL affable nice guy John Carroll Lynch. Also, he's not afraid to take risks with his hair, so." - Gaby Wilson

  44. Poussey Washington, "Orange Is The New Black"

    "Throughout Season 1, Poussey seemed like a loveable form of comic relief, but Season 2 really fleshed out the nuances of her loyalty and courage. The inherent appeal of Poussey is not rebellious streak against Vee and her resilience, but her ability to smile through the tears, and quickly forgive when she is proven right." - CW

  45. Oberyn Martell, "Game Of Thrones"

    "It can be tough to stand out as a newcomer on “Game of Thrones,” which makes Pedro Pascal’s work as the “Red Viper” Oberyn Martell all the more impressive. The sex-positive, charming Dornish cad stole the show from the Starks and Lannisters throughout Season 4, and his “Princess Bride”-esque beef with the Mountain was one of the series’ most memorable moments." - SM

  46. Ilana Wexler, "Broad City"
    Comedy Central

    "Ilana Wexler gives zero f—ks. No, really. None at all. And we love her for it. She’s hustler/stoner/best friend/life coach/crop top wearing icon we deserve. While she’s always pushing the boundaries of what’s considered normal or appropriate or…legal, as young people, we can all relate to her day-to-day struggles. Like that time when she tried to do her taxes and was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, or that time when she tried to become a mogul as a dog walker. Most of all, we love her for being the most supportive bestie to her friend Abbi. RIDE ON, HUMAN UNICORN (HUNICORN?) ILANA. WE LOVE YOU." - RP

  47. Daryl Dixon, "The Walking Dead"

    "If Daryl dies, we riot. That's the refrain from fans of 'The Walking Dead,' and for good reason. Norman Reedus' Daryl isn't just the show's resident badass warrior with a crossbow, he's also the beating heart of the group. Rick and the others may spend a lot of time talking about their place in the post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland, but while they do that Daryl is growing and changing like no other character on TV." - AZ

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