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Here’s How Chris Rock Got All Those Comedians To Make ‘Top Five’ Cameos

And who said no.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Chris Rock's "Top Five" isn't notable only for its discussions of rap music and fame -- the film has garnered positive reviews from critics so far -- but also for its stellar cast, both in major parts and cameos. Recognizable faces as varied as Jerry Seinfeld and Cedric the Entertainer appear in the film.

Rock, who wrote, directed and stars in "Top Five," sat down with MTV News before the film's release to talk about just how he snagged those cameos.

"You know what, Jerry [Seinfeld] just came on down. I gotta hand it to him. I asked him one time, he said yes, and even when he got there, he was fine with everything," Rock said. "He's not, like, just there to be famous, he's giving me like sound advice, he's totally comfortable. He's great in it."

And who was Rock not able to dial up and get in the movie?

"Eddie Murphy, Chappelle," Rock laughed.

"Top Five" hits select theaters December 5.