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Oprah's 'Where Are They Now?' Finds Kristin Cavallari In The Kitchen

Apparently, the former 'Hills' star has quite a way with Brussels sprouts…

Lo Bosworth may be the current culinary authority among "The Hills" alumnae, but Kristin Cavallari certainly isn't hanging up her oven mitts.

The shoe designer, who's also become a wife and mother since her time on MTV, will give fans an update on life in the Casa de K-Cav as part of Oprah's upcoming "Where Are They Now?" episode, and evidently, Kristin in 2014 is one hell of a chef.

"I actually started cooking right after I had my first son Camden, because he slept all the time," she says in Us Weekly's sneak peek above, which finds her chopping up veggies for a favorite holiday side dish. "I had a lot of alone time, so I just started cooking, 'cause I had nothing else to do, and I realized that I absolutely love it." Hey, if she's got a recipe that will make the kids appreciate Brussels sprouts, we might as well call her the second coming of Julia Child...

Check out the clip, and see Kristin in action on Sunday, December 7 at 9 p.m. on OWN!