The 21 Best Movie Posters Of 2014

A tribute to the posters that made us spend $16.50 on movie tickets.

A lot of really great movies came out in 2014. Hopefully, even more great movies will come out in 2015. But regardless of quality, here are the movie posters that made us drop everything and run to the local cineplex this year -- and some from next year, since all posters that were released this lovely calendar year are fair game:

21. "That Awkward Moment"

It's Zac Efron holding a kitten. What more could you want?

20. "Men Women & Children"

Beautiful, and also perfectly reflects the tone of the movie.

19. "The Grand Budapest Hotel"

There's something about the Grand Budapest that makes you really want to go to there. Also, it's impressive that you can instantly look at this poster and tell who directed the movie.

18. "#Filth"

James McAvoy is climbing a ladder of cocaine. It's funny.

17. "Afflicted"

I'm a sucker for good body horror. "Afflicted" -- and its poster -- are good body horror.

16. "The Interview"

Between this and "Neighbors," Seth Rogen is on a roll. I haven't seen "The Interview" yet, but it's hard not to want to with this poster.

15. "Fifty Shades of Grey"

More like "every woman with a pulse will see this movie, now."

14. "Inherent Vice"

So much pink! So much L.A. cool!

13. "John Wick"

Totally simple, totally gets the point across that this dude is about. To. Go. OFF.

12. "X-Men: Days of Future Past"

The film is beautiful chaos, and so is its poster.

11. "Nightcrawler"

Sick retro newspaper print.

10. "Whiplash"

The old school Brazilian poster for "Whiplash" is a cinephile's dream, and also makes excellent use of an anxiety-provoking color.

9. "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes"

Caesar. Like. Movie Poster. MORE. Than Ape.

8. "Avengers: Age of Ultron"

This poster was the talk of the Comic-Con town. We understand why. THEY'RE ALL THERE AND THEY'RE FIGHTING EACH OTHER AHHHHHH!!

7. "The Fault in our Stars"

All controversy over the tagline aside, it was a simple yet gorgeous poster that was perfect for the film's teen audience. Bravo.

6. "Mad Max: Fury Road"


5. "The Babadook"

This one somehow cut right through to the core of your childhood nightmares and turned them into a poster. Thank you, Mr. Babadook.

4. "Blue Ruin"

Blue like my soul after watching this movie.

3. "Guardians of the Galaxy"

Thank you.

2. "The Hateful Eight"

This is going to be THE dorm poster for every incoming film student freshman next year, and with good reason. It's awesome.

1. "Under the Skin"

A haunting poster that stays with you for a haunting film that stays with you. It's beautiful and terrifying.