Watch Tom Cruise Nearly Get Creamed By A Double-Decker Bus

If you are hit by a bus, the Secretary will disavow all knowledge of your actions.

An international crisis was narrowly averted yesterday, when American action superstar Tom Cruise was not turned into a human pancake by a British double-decker bus, although it was a pretty close call.

Cruise, who is currently in London filming "Mission Impossible 5," is seen in this video obliviously trying to occupy the same square foot of street as an oncoming bus. Fortunately, the actor seems to realize that he's stepped into traffic at the same time as the bus driver issues a warning honk, and he returns to the safety of the curb. Although cameras were apparently set up in the area to capture some busy London street scenes for the movie, this looks more like a mishap than an intentional bit of stuntwork, because if it were a stunt, Tom Cruise would never just skip back to the curb. He would punch the bus right in the face, ignite the burners on his jetpack shoes, and soar away into the sky.