YouTube, Monkey Puzzle/RCA

Dude Recreates Sia's 'Chandelier' Video After Losing A Bet: Watch

And he nails it.

In a video that will surely #BreakTheInternet, a guy named Chuck Jose hammered home the immutable truth about fantasy football wagers: Never, ever, ever lose a bet with your friends.

Or else, well, you might have to recreate Sia's “Chandelier” video shot for shot in a really bad blonde wig.

The hilarious clip features a split screen, with the original version, featuring brilliant dancing by 11-year old Maddie Ziegler, on the right and the homemade version on the left.

The flutter kicks in the cream-colored leotard? Chuck does them with a giddy flourish. The Nestea plunge on the sofa? Oh yeah. And the twirls and gymnastics-inspired floor exercises? He does those, too, with surprising accuracy—how many times did he have to watch the real video to nail those move, by the way?

Chuck’s all-in performance literally makes you wish that he loses more fantasy football bets in the future so he’ll be forced to make more videos like this one.