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Let Taylor Swift Plan Your Next Trip To New York: See Her Tips

Here's the 'Welcome To New York' singer's Taylor-made itinerary. (It's been waiting for you.)

Since moving to New York City, Taylor Swift has shown some serious love for the Big Apple. From being named the city's Welcome Ambassador for Tourism to sitting courtside at a Knicks game to dedicating an entire song off 1989 to NYC, the "Blank Space" singer has really embraced her new 'hood.

But how does the starlet enjoy the city when her every step isn't being documented by a pack of paparazzi? According to Taylor, she likes to keep things simple, starting with location.

"The perfect day in New York for me would mean picking a neighborhood, you know, I love the West Village, I love SoHo, and you just meander, you just explore," she told MTV News. "The cool thing about New York is you just don't necessarily have to pick an exact destination, you just have to pick a general area."

Whether she's walking the streets with her cat Olivia Benson or a bestie, Tay says the city takes care of the heavy lifting from there.

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"You'll find cool things that are inspiring to you, you'll find, you know, places that, 'Oh, I didn't see that over there,' -- you'll wonder over there -- 'Oh, look at that over there,'" she said. "Wandering around New York is one of the coolest things you can do in New York."

So as an official NY travel rep, what does the 24-year-old suggest for out-of-towners visiting? "Don't over-plan because you want to give yourself the opportunity to come up with your plans as you go."