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This Famous R&B Singer Made An Entire Song Dedicated To Drake's Love

"Drake Would Love Me."

Drake loves the ladies, and while the OVO Sound maven often raps that he'd get on bended knee for Nicki Minaj, there's another musical star who believes that she could be all that Drizzy needs.

On Tuesday (December 2), K. Michelle's new song "Drake Would Love Me (Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart) hit the Internet and earned her some curious listens. The piano-driven ballad starts with a calming melody and some sweet lyrics from the "Love & Hip-Hop" star.

"I would be the apple of his eye and he would treat me like his grand prize -- trophy," she sings to open.

As the track builds with small guitar licks and soothing violin strings, Michelle starts to imagine herself at the Grammys with rapper/singer, then she gets to the less-than-subtle hook. "Drake would love me, he would kiss me, he would touch me like I need," she belts out on the chorus. "Drake wouldn't leave me, he would keep me, never break his promises."

So far there has been no response from the Boy, though he can be pretty spontaneous at times. The track is from K. Michelle's upcoming December 9 album AWBAH (Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart), which you can stream curtosey of VH1.

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