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Ariana Grande Promises Not To Wear Cat Ears In The Victoria's Secret Show

Ariana Grande has been wearing so many different pairs of cat ears recently that it's difficult to remember her bouffant head without them. She's worn them as a spirit hood, and she's even drawn them onto her pictures when she wasn't wearing them. But when she performs for the upcoming Fashion Show of the Year, aka the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, be prepared to be amazed.

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Ariana has promised that she won't be wearing her signature accessory in the show. Last night, she dropped that revelation on Instagram, where she posted a picture of herself in her go-to ears and a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show sweatshirt with the caption, "great rehearsal @victoriassecret !!!! so so so excited to be a part of this show (kitty ears for rehearsal purposes only today)."

Will she wear her hair up or down? Is that pink Nasir Mazhar outfit hanging in the background for her performance? We'll find out soon enough!