Chris Rock Thinks Kanye West Could Surpass Jay Z To Be Best Rapper Of All Time

Competition is stiff.

Debating the top five greatest rappers of all time never gets old, but every once in awhile, someone's list catches you by surprise. Chris Rock, for example, has some pretty interesting picks.

During a discussion about his new movie "Top Five," which is co-produced by Jay Z and Kanye West, he told MTV News that Hov is indisputably number one the list ("it's just what it is"), but he also thinks Kanye is a pretty close second at this point.

For him, it's not out of the question that Kanye -- who he called "the most interesting guy that ever picked up a mic" -- could surpass Hov pretty soon.

KRS-One, Scarface and Ice Cube rounded out the list, with no mention of the Notorious B.I.G. or 2Pac, who pretty frequently land in people's top five.

And, if he were doing top five favorite rappers of right now, of course we'd be talking about Drake at number one, the comedian says.

Watch Chris Rock break down his picks in the video above.