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Harry Styles’ Run-In With Kendall Jenner Couldn't Be More Awkward: See The Pic

Fans also want to ship Harry with Emma Watson real bad.

There has probably been a time in most of our lives when we have awkwardly run in to an ex.

But lucky for us, it wasn't two of our exes, at the same time, with cameras all around for the entire world to see. Sorry, Harry Styles.

Harry bumped into Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne at the British Fashion Awards, which went down at the Coliseum in London on Monday. As the One Direction star was making his way down the stairs, his two former flames were walking up, hand-in-hand.

The trio then stopped to talk to each other, looking quite cordial, but some fans couldn't help but notice that Kendall, who dated the 1D star around this time last year, was giving Harry quite the stare, along with her famous smile.

But some thought this whole situation was a bit uncomfortable.

While others felt that this was a look of love and that Harry should do what he can to get her back.

Some fans weren't even paying attention to this run-in because they were more concerned about making a love connection between Harry and Emma Watson.

Harry presented the "Harry Potter" star with the British Style Award and they later posed for a picture together, which caused the Internet to explode.

In fact, fans want to ship these two together so much so that they've already created a new name for them: "Hemma."