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Rob Dyrdek Bought A Unicorn Monster Truck On Cyber Monday

The 'Fantasy Factory' stuntman got a gift even Santa couldn't have delivered.

Did Cyber Monday help you land a marked-down plasma TV? Manage to get half off that direct flight to Palm Beach? Cool -- Rob Dyrdek bought a monster truck that's also a unicorn.

The "Fantasy Factory" stuntman and "Ridiculousness" host, whose favorite pastimes include looking like sh**, shared his latest purchase with the Twitterverse yesterday, and it did not disappoint. If you thought your souped-up Kia Optima was something to get all worked up about, you're about to get knocked down a peg.

Rob Dyrdek's Twitter

"I had no choice but to pull the trigger! Should I take it back or keep forever? What would you do?" Rob posted with the photo above, which finds him standing in an electric blue monster truck featuring unicorn horn-extension (he noted it was 40 percent off, but we're calling his bluff). Seems like he's ready to lead the thing into battle, and if Rob's serving as general in the next great junkyard war, you can call us his loyal sergeants. Maybe he can equip us with a winged Camaro! Dream a dream...

Hoping you'll find something similar stuffed in your stocking this Christmas? Share your thoughts on Rob's mold-breaking uni-mobile.