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Weird Trend: See 22 Ladies Who Dye Their Armpit Hair Pink, Purple, And Green

All about that pit glitz.

Dying your hair a bold shade of pink, green and purple is totally the norm these days (heck, even we tried it), but thanks to an internet tipster, we've uncovered a whole new arena of hair coloring–for the armpits.

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Women across the globe are proudly displaying their unshaved underarms and dying them bright hues (think: teal, hot pink and lime green) to bring awareness and empowerment to their natural body hair. There's even a whole Instagram dedicated to ladies showin' off their glorious underarms, and TBH, we're kiiind of obsessed with the idea of glitzin' up our pits. Check out 22 of our favorite decked-out underarms below, and haters, you can see yourself out.

1. Two times the turquoise? Yes, please.

2. Shocking pink pits (literally!).

3. Mmmm, dat slime green sheen.

4. Pitty in pink.

5. BFF armpit dye sesh, yasss.

6. Just a touch of teal.

7. What a pleasant purple surprise.

8. Yowza, look at those red hot hairs.

9. Work. Dem. Pink. Pits.

10. Someone's on a blue streak.

11. Is this what they mean by "money pit?"

12. Look at this bright beaut.

13. Can't get enough of these pastel pits.

14. Pink power!

15. Love that lime green.

16. Pink lips, pink pits.

17. Fuchsia hair flat-out killin' it.

18. Game, set, match.

19. Bleached babe.

20. Royally on-point pits.

21. Matching in magenta.

22. All green everythang.

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