Watch Ty Dolla $ign Take A 'Stand,' Become A Helium Balloon In Trippy New Video

Where's your head at?

By Christopher Harris

Ty Dolla $ign is taking a stand. But his new music video isn't exactly a P.S.A.

On his Diplo and DJ Dahi-assisted track, "Stand For," Ty Dolla urges listeners to take a stand for something if they believe in it. The lyrics also suggest Ty is standing for his "n---as doing life" and his "bitches doing right.”

But now that the official music video has been released, it's unclear what Ty is really standing for.

The peculiar visual starts off with Ty Dolla holding a balloon with his own head attached to it. Things get even weirder when the camera pans outside to Ty's South Central stoop -- where he's met with even more of his balloon heads. His friends are holding their own, as well.

Eventually, we see that the entire L.A. neighborhood has balloons with their heads on top. It's pretty trippy but, maybe, there's a message here. The video was directed by a creative collective known as The Sacred Egg. They've produced clever, conceptual videos in the past, but this one just seems ... ahead of its time.

"Stand For" is the first single off Ty Dolla's upcoming Free TC album.