Did Skrillex Buy Wu-Tang's $5 Million Album? The Clan Clear Up The Rumors

Killer Bees can't count that money just yet.

Looks like it’s not too late to buy the Wu-Tang Clan’s $5 million LP, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.

While Highsnobiety reported on Monday morning (December 1) that Skrillex had purchased the exclusive double album, the EDM superstar’s reps confirmed that he did not shell out the dough for the project.

The rumor mill began churning because Wu-Tang producer Cilvaringz confirmed the purchase on a message board with a simple “yup” after a commenter posted that the DJ was the new owner of the purported sonic masterpiece.

“Bro that was a joke, the album is not sold to Skrillex,” Cilvaringz told Complex. “It’s only in his new video for the song ‘F-ck That.’ I would assume the sale of the album would be a grand official announcement, not a simple “yup” joking around with forum members we’ve been talking to for years.”

It’s not all bad news for the Wu, though. The Staten Island collective’s coffers may still swell into the millions with sales of their more reasonably priced album, A Better Tomorrow, which drops on December 2.