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Pick Your Fantasy In Trey Songz And Nicki Minaj's Interactive 'Touchin, Lovin' Video

Where will this fantasy take you?

Here's your chance to get hands on with Trey Songz. Well -- not literally hands on, but you'll see what I mean.

On Monday (December 1), the R&B singer finally dropped a video to accompany his Trigga single “Touchin, Lovin,” which features Nicki Minaj. The video, which premiered via BuzzFeed, and is directed by Tool's Jason Zada, uses interactive technology so fans (you!), can select different scenarios in the clip as you watch it.

No matter what, you'll be seeing Trey and Nicki, but you might as well have some fun with the rest.

Last month MTV News joined Trey on the “Touchin, Lovin,” video set, where he explained why this concept might be fun.

“I know my fans are very engaged on the computer and very much social savvy, so when we give them options to watch the video, I’m sure they’ll watch it probably 20 times when you realize you can go this way, that way, this way," he said at the time. “This idea of all your fantasy choices available to you at any point in time, it was a really great way of personifying these fantasies that we all have floating around in our heads."

Go behind the scenes in the video below.