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11 Celebs Who Matured Big Time In 2014 (Definitely Looking At You, Nick Jonas)

From Beyonce and Selena's big decisions to Nick Jonas' severely mature abdominal situation (and other parts).

A lot of our favorite celebrities demonstrated some major growth in 2014. Some, like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, expressed their newfound feminist identities with a striking level of maturity. Others, like Blue Ivy Carter and North West, literally just grew up. Here are 11 celebs who majorly matured this year.

  1. With the surprise release of her "The Heart Wants What It Wants" video in November, Selena opened up to the world like she never had before. Yeah, we came for the salacious details about #Jelena, but we stayed for the mature, complex, self-destructive relationship she tackled in the song's lyrics.

  2. The "Jealous" singer got all kinds of adult in 2014, most notably in THESE PHOTOS FOR FLAUNT MAGAZINE OH MY GOD LOOK AT IT LOOK AT IT BYE.

  3. Blue Ivy Carter

    Beyoncé and Jay Z's daughter turned 2 years old in January, which means that she literally doubled in age this year. Super-famous toddlers -- they grow up so fast.

  4. North West
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    Speaking of growing up so fast, look at bb Nori. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby girl celebrated her first birthday in June, although she's already Kanye-scowling at a fifth-grade level.

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    The "Diamonds" singer actually managed to stay off Instagram for six consecutive months this year, a sign of maturity I'll probably never display.

  6. From their mature new look to their hot new sound, the "Bo$" singers got on their Michelle Obama shhhh in 2014.

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    The "Shake It Off" singer moved to a new city, switched music genres, released the biggest-selling album of the year and even came out of the feminist closet. If all that doesn't demonstrate some major growth, I'm not sure what would.

  8. Remember when Drake used a lint roller at the Raptors game in April? That is just so damn grown of him. He might as well have opened up a 401k or, like, completed the morning paper's 7x7 KenKen.

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    The "Applause" singer paused her reverse Warholian expedition to pay homage to the classics with the release of Cheek To Cheek, her collaborative jazz album with Tony Bennett. The two even had a joint concert special on PBS. Jazz? PBS? That says mature to me.

  10. KP promoted education during her Prismatic World Tour globe-trotting, Instagramming photos from her visits to museums worldwide. My half-realized adulthood weeps in her shadow.

  11. Beyoncé

    She's a grown woman -- she can do whatever she wants, like launch a ***flawless stadium tour with husband Jay Z, dominate record sales with an album released in 2013 and bring feminism to the pop table like almost nobody has before.