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14 Taylor Swift Moments That Made Us Say 'RIP ME' This Year

Call an ambulance.

With 2015 fast approaching (buckle your seatbelts, kids), I'm getting a little nostalgic. Our girl Taylor Swift really came into her own this year. The singer -- who released her platinum-selling 1989 album in October and made it her mission to meet as many of her fans as she could -- made every Swiftie feel like she was their BFF.

Was 2014 Taylor Swift's best year ever? It certainly was a great year to be a fan. Here are the top 14 moments (for 2014 -- get it?) that made us collectively scream in all caps: "RIP ME."


Let's start with the reason we're all here, shall we? When Taylor admitted she "taylurked" on us -- and that she's been doing it for a long time -- we almost died. So when she invited a bunch of Swifties to her house for the 1989 Secret Sessions (more about that later), you better believe there were some casualties.

You may think the Swift obsession is a little morbid, but not Taylor. "I love them so much 'cause they always talk about dying," she acknowledged on "The Graham Norton Show." "They're like, 'Rest in peace me. RIP me, I died, dead.'"

Naturally, fans took these words as their new mantra for whenever Queen Tay did anything else. When 1989, a bunch of us changed our Twitter handles to RIP ME.

2. When she pretended Lorde was her manager

The second best thing we love about Taylor -- besides her singing... and beauty... OK, the third best thing we love about Taylor is her incredible sense of humor. And Lorde gave us a perfect example of this when she visited "The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon" in November. She explained how she was at a party with Ms. Swift and someone mistook the New Zealand singer for someone else. When the guy asked if Lorde was her manager, Taylor said "yes" nonchalantly. "No beat passed!" Lorde said as she recalled the story.

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3. I don't always lip-synch, but when I do...

...I prefer to do it in the backseat of a car. -- The Most Interesting Woman In The World. Taylor totally slayed at lip-synching "Blank Space" with BBC's Greg James. I mean, obviously, it's her song. But she was locked and loaded with surprise theatrics and quirky dance moves that had me laughing the whole time.

4. The live stream

Remember back to those simpler times, when we were about to be hit with something huge but we had no idea what it was? Those were the days before 1989. Taylor started posting clues on her Instagram, which led us to a live stream. And you'd be a fool if you don't remember that fateful day when she announced her official pop record. And she revealed her new song "Shake It Off," which is pretty much the national anthem now. That happened in August -- ages ago, if you ask me.

5. The 1989 Secret Sessions

You know that Taylor always has a plan. Overnight, a select bunch of fans started tweeting that they had heard 1989, and the 1989 Secret Sessions were born. Taylor invited fans from around the world to five different sessions, where she played them her new album before anyone else heard it. She made them cookies, let them hold her Grammys and gave them her kitty, Olivia Benson, to pet. And you know what? We didn't hear anything about the album until Oct. 27, when it was released. That's because Swifties are excellent at keeping secrets.

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6. The day we were all waiting for

Oct. 27, 2014: also known as Tay Day, also known as the day an angel released the album she's most proud of. 1989 came out on a Monday and was the best start to a week since... I don't know, her birth? I remember getting up super early (the more dedicated Swifties just pulled all-nighters after it came out at midnight), checked my iTunes, and, like magic, there it was. I watched her on "Good Morning America," and while I waited, I kept pressing the repeat button. It was like Christmas morning.

7. An early Christmas present from Taylor

If album release day wasn't like Christmas morning for you, then getting a gift directly from TaySway was. She got in the holiday spirit early this season and started shipping out gifts to her new friends. To those of you who got trinkets that she found all over the world, let me tell you now, you're the lucky one.

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8. The cutest thing in the world

Taylor visited a young fan in the hospital, and this little boy loved every second of it. They sang and danced together, and it was beyond cute.

9. That time she killed a fly on live television

I mean, yeah, there are important things to talk about when you're on TV, but why not kill insects instead? When something is buzzing around, wouldn't you want to murder it too -- cameras or no cameras? Gives the name "Slayor" a whole new meaning...

10. She stood on a horse

The "Blank Space" music video came with plenty of surprises. A) We had no idea it was coming out. B) It came with its very own app. C) TAYLOR STOOD ON A HORSE. That's talent, people.

11. When she called out sexist critics

We all let out a collective "YAASSS" after Swift pinned the S-word on her haters. When asked about writing about her love life on Australia’s “Jules, Merrick & Sophie” radio show, she answered that her male counterparts aren't asked the same questions. “No one says that about Ed Sheeran. No one says that about Bruno Mars," she said. "They’re all writing songs about their exes, their current girlfriends, their love life, and no one raises a red flag there.”

12. Crazy Aunt Taylor joins Tumblr

Tumblr transformed from a Lana Del Rey and "Supernatural" shrine into a magical Swiftie haven in September, when she joined the blogging website. With yet another place to meet fans and become their best friend for lyfe, Swift caused chaos and got even closer with her fans, asking them for technical advice when she needed to learn how to navigate the site. She was like your crazy aunt who's trying to get with the hip times, said one fan.


13. Olivia Benson goes for a walk

Taylor's second cat, Olivia, become a street style star when she appeared outside their New York City apartment, draped over Tay's arm. We knew Taylor was a cat lady, but this took it to the extreme. Now we know that the kitty was probably on her way to their Diet Coke commercial shoot, but some people were legitimately concerned. And then there was that piece that got a veterinarian to pick apart her every move. Yeesh.

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14. No its becky

Becky got in on the joke when she left the house wearing a "no its becky" shirt. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then get out of here. First rule of Tumblr: don't talk about Tumblr.