You Can Attend Hogwarts IRL For The Price Of A Polish Plane Ticket


Yer a wizard, Harry. Also, I'm a wizard, too. We are all wizards, in fact, or at least we can be, if we just deliver ourselves next April to the doors of the Czocha College of Wizardry -- which is basically Hogwarts, if Hogwarts were a continuing magical education program that accepted adult muggles.

Registration for Czocha, a highly elaborate Harry Potter live-action roleplaying game taking place in Poland next spring, hasn't opened yet. But this video advertising the experience, about which more information should become available shortly, is the best shot at total wizardly wish-fulfillment for anyone who's ever yearned to study herbology or play intramural quidditch while dressed in whimsical Hogwarts fashion. The LARP is slated for April 2015, and looks to be taking place at the very Hogwarts-esque Czocha Castle; keep an eye on the official College of Wizardry website for updates.