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Pool Rave Evacuated Numerous Times Over 'Phantom Pooper' In The Water

Someone keeps dropping the bass at this youth dance party.

A weekly "Wave Rave" pool party in England is causing quite a stink.

The Cornwall event may be canceled forever due to a "phantom pooper" who keeps terrorizing it, reports the Western Morning News. The first incident occurred several weeks ago when "horrified staff" found feces floating in the water once the lights were turned back on.

Since it's a party for children and teenagers, perhaps some little kid couldn't handle the intensity of the music and strobe lights. Or maybe some adolescent prankster just has a disgusting sense of humor.

Either way, subsequent party-pooping has plagued the Friday night gathering week after week, according to the Western Morning News, so it'd seem they have a serial defecator on their hands. In fact, the facility has put up warning signs alerting partygoers of "recurring instances of finding poo in the pool."

Even with this unwanted party favor, the venue assures patrons that the pool is still completely safe and poses no health risk to ravers/swimmers. But it might be wise to don a full wetsuit and scuba mask next time.