This Puppy's Version Of 'Let It Go' Is The Best Take On The 'Frozen' Song Yet

Who doesn't love to wake up to Idina Menzel?

There is not a single species in the animal kingdom that is immune to the prolific allure of "Frozen" and its gargantuan hit, "Let it Go." Not even this very sleepy little puppy.

Yes, let's reiterate that for you: this is a video of a very sleepy little puppy howl-singing along to Idina Menzel's version of the already-a-classic "Let it Go." And if this was my puppy, I would never let it go. Not ever. It's basically a perfect specimen of dog.

The best part is how ambivalent this precious pooch is when it comes to Charli XCX compared to the dramatic enthusiasm exhibited for the Disney showstopper. Proof that he doesn't just do this for any old song—there's only one that truly has his heart.

Watch it all unfold below:

This is, without question the most adorable, charming, and best cover of this song that we have seen and heard thus far. And there are many, many, many covers of this song! Still, sleepy sing-howl puppy here wins.