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Solange Knowles Is On The Most Gorgeous, Dreamy Honeymoon Ever

Warning: you are going to drool all over these photos.

The colors! The design! The love! The vibes! Sorry, everyone, but Solange Knowles and her new husband, director Alan Ferguson, have clearly won the honeymoon game.

Solange shared some sneak peeks at the gloriousness on her Instagram account this weekend, and it is one of the most high-fashion, glamorous, downright dreamy and beautiful honeymoons we've seen in a long time... as if we needed more reasons to be jealous of this couple after their perfect wedding.

But their Brazilian honeymoon looked like Vogue Magazine levels of magic. Seemingly tucked away from the probing eyes of fans and paparazzi, the duo made Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil their homestead for the 8-day-long jaunt after getting married on November 16.

"Thank you Trancoso for being the most magical lil place to 'honey our moon,'" Knowles captioned one of the photos. "Brazil could not have been kinder to us and our love....."

It was also verrrry easy on the eyes.

I mean, do you SEE how vivid these colors are?

(The husband ain't bad, either.)

Everything looks like a dreamy still-life, curated by some fancy lifestyle and/or design editor:

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Even seemingly mundane details are alive! BRB, plotting my next vacation.

These portraits are equally flawless. How gorgeous are these two?

Needless to say, every other celebrity is going to be hard-pressed to beat out the cool vibes and amazing imagery captured by Solange and Alan. Their honeymooon is clearly the new gold standard for cool, artistic honeymooning types everywhere.