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J. Cole Finally Gives Us The Tracklist For His New Album 2014 Forest Hills Drive

Cole Season is upon us.

We finally have a look at what J. Cole’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive will contain. Cole, who has said the album is about a return home, named the project after his childhood home, a property the rapper recently purchased. While Cole hasn’t been promoting the album with single releases, he has been traveling around the country, playing the project for fans in private locations.

Rikki Martinez, an on-air personality and journalist who has been chronicling Cole’s journey as he preps the album’s release, has shared several tidbits about the project's rollout on her social media page, just as J. Cole promised she would.

She got an early listen straight from Cole, which is pretty much the only way anyone is listening to the album right now.

And she's also shared some insight about how Cole's been vibing out with fans.

Cole has been traveling the country with this album, letting just a few people listen to what he's about to release. When the rapper hit Dallas, he visited a fan and played the album for her ears only, right there at her home.

So, Jermaine's been keeping all of this on lock for the most part. But now, we finally have that tracklist!

If only we all could listen to the album while sitting in Cole’s old bedroom, pretending we were young Jermaine with hoop dreams.

This all has us even more excited for what’s to come from Cole. Could it be a mixtape and an EP? For now, we'll get the new album on December 9—mark your calendars, that's only about a week away.