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The 'Bros Being Basic' Instagram Account Will Have You Laughing Into Your Pumpkin Spice Latte

These bros know the true meaning of #blessed.

Okay, so if there's two concepts that have come into their own over the course of 2014, it's "bros" and "basic." Understandably, both have met with backlash and confusion, as we all try to navigate if we, ourselves, might be basic? Which is apparently a bad thing.... or if you might possibly be a bro? Which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on who you ask.

But while the term "basic" has been mostly applied to women throughout the course of the discussion, some genius concocted an Instagram account that applies it to, yup you guessed it, bros. The resulting combinations of tropes that involve both bros and basic are just stunning. It's a gift. Most of the posts currently focus on Thanksgiving, and since that holiday doesn't technically end until the leftovers are gone, let's dive in:

The dirtiest martini and the thankful heart:

Isn't it soooo basic to get this many olives in your martini? (I resent this because I love dirty martinis and I am not basic. Definitely not.) This one is capped off with a paragraph-long caption about thankfulness.

Cheese and big, pink lettered captions:

Those pre-Thanksgiving noshes are sooo essential to keeping your blood sugar high throughout the night.

Yule log, Uggs, Black Friday and wine:

Literally every basic thing from Thanksgiving in one photo. Plus, once you've seen a dude's legs in Uggs, you can't unsee that. Oh and don't miss the Yankee Candle hidden away there in the background. #Blessed indeed.

Bro as fashion blogger:

Pretty much nails this trope, even down to the "jammies sneak peek."

This bro fills his "Blank Space" with some lip-syncing to Taylor:

Give him my number. That's all.

There's plenty more hilarious pictures on the their Instagram account BrosBeingBasic. It looks like the account was only started about three days ago, so we have plenty more to look forward to from them.