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Madonna’s Manager Wants You To Find The Person Who Leaked Her New Song

Is this the long-awaited 'Rebel Heart'?

Madonna fans, take a moment off from bowing down to the Queen of Pop and listen up: there'll likely be a new Madonna track very, very soon.

According to Billboard, about 40 seconds of a song rumored to be titled "Rebel Heart" has leaked online.

Judging from manager Guy Oseary's reaction on Twitter, Madge is less than pleased about the dance track appearing online.

"I would be grateful to any @madonna fans that can assist us in finding those responsible for the leak.. We appreciate your help.." he tweeted.

Madonna, meanwhile, has yet to comment on the leak and is living it up in Malawi, according to her Twitter.

Billboard claims that Madonna can be heard singing, "I've spent some time as a narcissist, hearing the others say 'look at you, look at you.' Trying to be so provocative, I said, 'Oh yeah, that was me. All the things I did just to be seen'" in the song. In another lyric, she uses the phrase "rebel heart," which matches the hashtag she's been dropping on social channels over past months.

Is this one of her rosé-fueled creations with Diplo from late in the summer? Please say yes, please say yes.

Could this mean that we'll be hearing the full track soon? After all, what better way to respond to an unofficial leak than showing everyone who's boss and unexpectedly dropping the final song?