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Frank Ocean Teases Us With A New Track Called 'Memrise'


Oh Frank Ocean, how we've missed you. The Channel Orange singer has been keeping a very low profile while he works on his upcoming sophomore album, but he dropped a post-Thanksgiving treat in the form of a new song called "Memrise."

In typical Frank Ocean fashion, he shared a stream on his Tumblr page without any further explanation. But he did include some lyrics for the woozy and hypnotic track. No word on where this will end up, but we'll just be here waiting for more. Listen below.

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I memorized the wayward expressions

Never look down

Never let you see me down

I memorized the way no directions

Can I come over now

I’d like to stay a little while

I memorized your body exposed

I could fuck you all night long

From a memory alone

I never forget a face

Don’t go plastic on me

Nothing’s set in stone

You’re not dipped in gold

Dipped in gold

You can’t breathe if you’re dipped in gold

You are not on paper

You are not a copy

You’re so, you’re thick, so thick