Remembering Ryan Knight: A Look Back At His Most Memorable Moments

From 'Real World' to 'Challenge,' the former MTV star never held back a thing.

During Ryan Knight's time on the "Real World: New Orleans" back in 2010 -- and his subsequent appearances on "The Challenge" shortly afterward -- the Midwesterner was known for his candor and blunt sense of humor. Whether he was hanging out with his roommates (and eventual fellow competitors) or vying for the top prize during missions, the erstwhile hockey player had a penchant for holding nothing back.

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In honor of the former MTV star, who was found dead on Thursday (November 27), we're looking back at some of his most memorable moments through the years:

Raring And Ready For Mardi Gras

The crew was particularly excited about the annual celebration, and the Wisconsin native humorously (and obviously) admitted he was looking forward to seeing some flashing ladies. But that's not all that went down during Fat Tuesday: After several weeks of getting to know each other, Knight's attraction to his fellow roomie Jemmye intensified.

Nabbing A Special Title

After quite a bit of flirting and plenty of laughs together, Jemmye sealed the deal with the fun-loving dude. Knight even earned a very special distinction among the sassy Southerner's previous partners: He took her "white boy virginity."

Building A Home

After touring parts of the city still recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the group wanted to do their part to help those still in need years later. The roommates worked with Habitat for Humanity, and during their final week in 'Nawlins, Knight, Eric and McKenzie bonded as they put the finishing touches on their house.

Together Or Not?

Knight and Jemmye certainly endured their fair share of ups and downs as a couple -- and they provided a somewhat complicated update about their relationship status during the reunion special. A smooch with Ashlee, featured above, certainly signaled that things between the NOLA lovebirds were complicated.

Bye-Bye Clean Clothes

Knight solidified his place as a "Challenge" jokester during "Battle of the Seasons" -- his first time on the show -- when he took all of Nany's crisp laundry and tossed it in the pool. Tonya 2.0, anyone?

Messing With Ketchup

During "Rivals 2," in quite possibly the most bizarre fight in "Challenge" history, Knight capitalized on his former girlfriend's unique fear of the tomato-based condiment -- and smeared it all over her face. Her comeback, after a bit of shouting with her ex and a few tears: "He's mad 'cause I don't want his lame ass."

Our thoughts are with Knight's family and loved ones during this very difficult time. If you have your own favorite memories of Knight, please share them below in the comments.