'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Gets The Ellen DeGeneres Treatment: Watch

Ms. DeGeneres will see you now.

Seriously, can Ellen Degeneres' parodies get any better? First, she delivered that spot-on Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercial spoof, and then she set out to "break the Internet" by paying homage to Kim Kardashian's booty-ful Paper magazine cover. I can't handle any more!

Oh, wait -- yes, I can. On Wednesday (Nov. 26), the comedian birthed a "Fifty Shades of Grey" takeoff that had us running straight for the red room of pain from laughing so hard.

"I'm definitely going to be the lead in the movie. They're acting like it's Dakota Johnson. It's not -- it's me," Degeneres told her audience. "Because no one knows their way around a whip better than me."

The funnywoman inserts herself into the film's trailer from Anna's first meeting with Christian Grey, through a few awkward dating rituals and then right into the red room of pain where Ellen shouts an appropriate, "Oh, hell no!" at the sight of whips and chains.

The real "Fifty Shades of Grey" starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Jonhson hits theaters Valentine's Day, 2015.