7 TV Characters We Ship With Everyone On The Show

Stop being so ship-able. It's not fair to the others.

When it comes to TV, viewers take their shipping very seriously. But while some ships are just set in stone -- Delena is forever happening, let's move on -- others are more fluid.

Basically, some characters are just so charismatic and generally likable that it's impossible not to ship them with every single person they're paired with in every single scene. It can be mentally torturous, but it's also thrilling to watch these talented actors do their thing. Below, here are the seven TV characters we ship with literally everything that moves:

1. Daryl Dixon from "The Walking Dead"

Even though Daryl has never expressed true sexual interest for anybody on the show, everybody in America basically wants him to. Between Carol and Beth and Michonne and... well, let's go back to Carol again because #TeamCaryl, Norman Reedus just has amazing chemistry with whoever he's acting with that particular day. Bravo, buddy.

2. Felicity Smoak from "Arrow"

Obviously, Emily Rickards' Felicity is most popularly shipped with Oliver Queen, but their relationship has felt just a teensy bit one-sided lately. Actually, scratch that -- Oliver is straight-up awful and inconsiderate of his IT girl's feelings, and we are not down with that.

That being said, they still have amazing chemistry. Which kind of goes without saying, because we also ship her with Barry Allen, Ray Palmer, the ghost of Tommy Merlyn, and a piece Oliver's yacht we saw floating on the island's shores one time. She's that likable.

3. Caroline Forbes from "The Vampire Diaries"

Klaroline? Steroline? Whatever we called Tyler and Caroline back in the day? Or Matt and Caroline? Remember when they were a thing?

Whoever Candice Accola's Caroline is romantically paired with on "TVD," it's impossible not to root for them. The woman has chemistry with every single character on the show, and her happiness is so crucial to our further enjoyment of the series that we just want whatever is happening with her to work.

4. Tim Riggins from "Friday Night Lights"

Okay, okay, so this show isn't on anymore. But Taylor Kitsch's Riggins was a true legend when it came to all-around ships. Tyra was undoubtedly our favorite, but he was also adorable with Becky, and somehow made us not completely despise Lyla despite her inherent awfulness/the cruelty of their torrid affair. Texas forever; Riggins forever.

5. Hanna Marin from "Pretty Little Liars"

Haleb forever.

That said, when Caleb was out of the picture, Ashley Benson's show-stealing Hanna had great chemistry with literally everyone she was paired with. From sweet Travis to boring-ish Holbrook to creepy Wren, she made all of her lesser-pairings work.

6. Alicia Florrick from "The Good Wife"

Julianna Margulies' "Saint" Alicia is the greatest person who has ever existed, so it's no surprise that we ship her with everything that moves. Whether its friendships with Kalinda, Diane, and Cary, torrid affairs with Will, possible reconciliations with Peter, or possible rebounds with Finn (MAKE IT HAPPEN), it works every single time. Because Margulies is magic. Emmy-winning magic.

7. Arya Stark from "Game of Thrones"

Here us out! Not every ship has to be romantic -- Maisie Williams' Arya is a child, and if she makes it to adulthood she'll undoubtedly be so damaged that she should never date anyone ever, but she's just so damn good with everyone she encounters on the show that D.B. Weiss and David Benioff have gone through great narrative lengths to pair her with some of the show's other strongest actors.

Between those scenes with Tywin Lannister that never happened in the book, those scenes with the Hound that never happened in the book, and those scenes with her dearly departed Dad that definitely did happen in the book, Williams (well, Arya) knocks it out of the park every single time. Therefore, we ship her being paired with every single other character we love on this show.

JaimArya -- make it happen.