It's The Salt-N-Pepa Reunion Of Your Dreams -- Sort Of

Watch the ladies push it once again.

By Christopher Harris

Hip-Hop's most iconic girl group is back -- well, kind of. Geico ditched the gecko and nabbed Salt-N-Pepa to make an appearance in a comical new commercial.

Within the funny clip, all three members -- Cheryl James (Salt), Sandra Denton (Pepa) and Deidra Roper (DJ Spinderella) -- show up (in vintage jackets) at odd times to urge people to literally push it. Their late-'80s infectious jam "Push It" serves as the soundtrack to the commercial, while Geico promotes their services.

The hip-hop heroines haven't released new music since the late '90s, and the trio has been performing across the country as a duo (Salt and Pepa), of late. Earlier this year, Spinderella shed some light on a possible reunion album.

“They’re out there doing them and I’ve been out there doing me but we felt it necessary to come together and build that legacy again,” she told VIBE. “We’re just talking about it but hopefully something will come from it.”

While the commercial may not be the album fans have hoped for, it's still great to see the ladies working together again.