6 Things From 'Frozen' We Still Need to See on 'Once Upon a Time'

Basically Olaf. We need Olaf.

There are only three episodes of "Once Upon a Time" season four until the fall finale, which means we only have three weeks to get all of the "Frozen" storylines hammered out. As far as we know, Anna and Elsa are just part of the first half of the season — the second half will focus on new characters like Cruella de Vil and Ursula, returning favorites like Maleficent, and Regina and Henry's Operation Mongoose to find the author of the fairytale book.

So with such limited time before the winter wonderland comes to an end — after a big battle with the Snow Queen, no less — there are some things from "Frozen" we still need to see. Including, you know, Anna hopefully being alive.

1. Anna's Return

Maybe we should say Anna's fate, since we have no idea if she's actually alive. Bo Peep's staff says she is, but since we haven't seen her in Storybrooke, there's no guarantee that she could ever reunite with Elsa.

2. Kristoff's Fate


After Anna never came back, what happened to Kristoff? Hopefully he isn't dead. If he ended up finding another woman to fall in love with, maybe it's better that we don't find out at all. With the different timelines in the Enchanted Forest, Arendelle, and Storybrooke, who knows what age he is now.

3. Olaf, Please


Co-creators Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis have said Olaf won't show up, but c'mon. What better way to end the fall finale than with his adorable face? If we can have Gran Pabbie, Sven, the evil snow monster, the Duke of Weselton, and Oaken, can't we have Olaf?

4. Elsa vs. the Snow Queen


We've had some mini battles between Elsa and the Snow Queen, but an all-out war now that Ingrid has enacted the Spell of Shattered Sight would make sense. Who knows if Elsa will fall under the spell or somehow be immune, but at some point, Ingrid has to go down — and we know it will be with a fight.

5. Music of Any Kind


We've had a few cheeky references to "Let It Go" and "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" but hearing someone actually break into song would be the ice-ing on the cake. It probably won't happen, but it would be perfect. Karaoke, anyone?

6. The Return of the Duke of Weselton


After Ingrid accidentally killed her own sister when she was trying to freeze the Duke, he fled and threatened to tell everyone she's a monster. Ingrid was sent into the urn before we could find out what he was going to do, but a flashback appearance from him trying to tell the world about what Ingrid did would be interesting. And as we know, he continues his crazy chicken dancing with Elsa in the film version of "Frozen," so we could even see him interact with the Arendelle residents.