This Luxury Hotel Lets You Stay For Free If You're Popular On Social Media

Planning a trip to Europe? All you need are 2,000 Facebook friends for a free room in Stockholm.

You've heard of internet celebrities getting paid to mention a product in a tweet or shoot out an Instagram with a brand in the shot. Now a hotel in Sweden is taking social media marketing to a new level by offering a free stay to anyone with a serious online following.

In the words of Stockholm's Nordic Light Hotel, it "accepts personal social networks as currency."

Anyone with more than 2,000 personal Facebook friends or 100,000 followers on Instagram gets a free seven-night stay at the luxury hotel, which usually costs $360/night. All you have to do is post when you make the reservations, when you check in, and when you check out, all with the requisite hotel tags. ("If the guest does not shares the posts that are necessary to take part of the discount/ free nights, the guest will be charged full price for the stay," the hotel warns.) Hey, a reason to be active on Facebook again!

Nordic Light Hotel CEO Marcus Majewski believes the promotional benefits outweigh the cost of giving away hotel rooms. (The fact that this promotion is getting the hotel free publicity surely isn't hurting the balance sheets, either.)

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So, what to do if your social media footprint is too small for this ridiculous giveaway? Are you supposed to just aggressively court bot followers?

No, you could still get a deal! The hotel is offering discounts even for those with a meager 500 friends or 5,000 Instagram followers. Time to start accepting those long-ignored friend requests and brushing up on your Swedish.