Get A Closer Look At 6 Bonkers Eye Makeup Looks Lady Gaga's Been Doing Lately

It might be a bold statement, but no one—I repeat NO. ONE.—is doing avant garde beauty quite like Lady Gaga. She already has a bit of a history of gluing things to her face, and let's not forget her paint-smearing "Applause" look from the Artpop promotional run. But now, she's taking that experimentation and channeling it into some crazy-intricate eye-and-eyebrows looks and posting them to Instagram.

Since selfies aren't usually focused JUST on the eyes, we took it upon ourselves to more clearly illustrate the highly inventive beauty looks gracing Gaga's face of late.

Zurich Monster

Gaga wore this green brow with silver foil and silver spikes on a tour stop in Zurich.

This is what it looks like up-close.

Gas And Go

At first glance, it looks like Gaga's werking some sort of lacy eyebrow situation, but it's actually a sculpted checkerboard pattern.

We're calling it "Gas and Go" because it looks like a racing flag.

Jafar's Beard

You've seen Aladdin, right? Remember the bad guy, Jafar? Remember his weird, twisty beard?

Doesn't it look a lot like this eyebrow steez by Gaga?

Lady London

While I'm a little disappointed Gaga didn't take advantage of her visit to London with Union Jack-inspired makeup, this smoky red lid with its smudgy red brow is still good, I guess.

Good luck trying this at your next holiday party!

Mistress Of Mayhem

If you thought Gaga sticking on rhinestone eyebrows was a thing of the past, you thought wrong.

Very, very wrong.

Paris Gypsy

Finally, there's this look with lines on lines on lines (and one dot), which she wore in Paris.

V modern. V chic.