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Maci Bookout's Son Bentley Is A (Little) Man Of Many Talents

From wrestling to baseball, we're looking at everything on the 'Teen Mom' kiddo's very impressive resume.

Like all beaming mothers, Maci Bookout is super-proud of her precious son Bentley. The heartwarming proof: After he gives a stellar performance during one of his many extra-curricular activities, the "Teen Mom" cast member often posts a photo of her grinning six-year-old and gushes over his achievement. In fact, the Kindergartner’s biggest cheerleader just uploaded a brand-new photo, showing B posing with a shiny medal:

Maci Bookout's Instagram

"Wrestling season is back! so proud of my little guy and his hard work today!" the redhead captioned the Instagram pic above.

In honor of his most recent award, we've rounded up some sweet snaps featuring Little B's many diverse talents and skills. Take a look at the impressive titles on his resume, and be sure to keep checking MTV News for updates on the "Teen Mom" return of Maci and Bentley!

Baseball player

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It may have only been his first season on the diamond last spring, but the budding second baseman showed off his tremendous prowess right off the bat (heh). Plus, it was only a matter of time before he whacked his first career grand slam.

Ice skater

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Balancing on a block of frozen ice while donning blades = no problem for B.


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That funfetti goodness, courtesy of the cupcake decorator himself, appears good enough to be sold at Sprinkles!


When Bentley showed off his version of the meme-tastic dance "The Bernie," he proved he's got some serious moves and rhythm.

Aspiring BMX pro

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He's been dominating the skate park for years, and Bentley's got absolutely no fear when it comes to tackling those challenging ramps and rails. Watch out, Ryan Sheckler!


May 21, 2014 | strawberry earrings

Bentley (aka Strawberry Earrings) is practically a master at the knock-knock joke.

Kissing extraordinaire

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If you ask his adoring mama, this is probably his best talent of all.